• Sarah Jane's Alien Files

    The ultimate guide to everything you could possibly need to know about hostile aliens.

  • School of Silence

    Game show in which some of Britain's noisiest children must prove that they can be quiet.

  • Scoop

    Children's comedy series following the exploits of hapless journalist Digby Digworth.

  • Serious Amazon

    Series following a group of children as they trek in the Amazon

  • Serious Desert

    Eight young adventurers trek across a desert to help endangered black rhinos

  • Serious Jungle

    Young adventurers face the challenge of a lifetime - living deep in the Borneo jungle

  • Serious Ocean

    Eight young adventurers go to extremes to help the planet.

  • Shaun the Sheep

    One of Aardman Animations' best-loved characters stars in his own series set on a farm

  • Smalltalk Diaries

    Children's wildlife series starring invertebrates. The tiny beasts explain their behaviour

  • SMart

    Children's art show that turns everyday objects into exciting and easy-to-make pictures

  • Sofa Surfers

    Children's factual programme following the lives of homeless children.

  • Sorcerer's Apprentice

    Behind the scenes at the Sorcerer's Apprentice magic school with the 14 wannabe magicians

  • Stingray

    1960s children's marionette adventure series.

  • Stitch Up

    Children target members of the public with practical jokes

  • Street Monsters

    Animation with live action. Life is one long fun adventure if you're a street monster.

  • Stupid

    More madcap fun with King Stupid and Goober making crazy comedy sketches

  • Summerhill

    Children's series about a school where the pupils make the rules.

  • Suspect

    A team of detectives solve seemingly impossible crimes

  • The Batman

    Animated action and adventure in Gotham City with the crime-fighting superhero

  • The Big Performance

    Gareth Malone coaches takes ten shy children who love to sing.

  • The Likeaballs

    Animation about ball-shaped aliens the Likeaballs, who compete in sporting challenges

  • The Owl

    3D animation about a pink owl

  • The Pod

    Winners of the POD's challenges will take control of the morning's programmes

  • The Queen's Nose

    Children's drama series about a young girl who discovers a magic 50p coin.

  • The Slammer

    Show in which a group of comedians enter a mock prison and must perform for their freedom

  • The Smokehouse

    Six children put their parents on their own quit-smoking course.