CBBC logo
  • Logo for Do Something Different
    Do Something Different
    Sam and Mark are on a mission to get one million kids to Do Something Different
  • Logo for Doctor Who: Dreamland
    Doctor Who: Dreamland
    The Doctor becomes involved in an alien war inside a US military base known as Dreamland.
  • Logo for Doctor Who: The Infinite Quest
    Doctor Who: The Infinite Quest
    The Doctor and Martha follow a trail of clues to find the Infinite, a lost spaceship.
  • Logo for Dogstar
    Animation. The search for the Dogstar, a spaceship that contains all of Earth's dogs
  • Logo for Dustbin Baby
    Dustbin Baby
    A teenager sets out to find her origins and, along the way, discovers where she belongs.
  • Logo for Ed and Oucho's Excellent Inventions
    Ed and Oucho's Excellent Inventions
    Ed and Oucho make inventions from bits of old rubbish they find in the back of their van
  • Logo for Election
    Angellica Bell hosts as a group of youngsters compete to find out who could be a leader.
  • Logo for Election: Your Vote
    Election: Your Vote
    Top politicians get a grilling from CBBC viewers on important issues.
  • Logo for Eliot Kid
    Eliot Kid
    Children's animation featuring Eliot, the little kid with the mind-boggling imagination
  • Logo for Eliot Kid
    Eliot Kid
    Children's animation featuring Eliot, the little kid with the mind-boggling imagination
  • Logo for Escape from Scorpion Island
    Escape from Scorpion Island
    Adrenaline-fuelled game show where contestants try to escape from a tropical island.
  • Logo for Evacuation
    Reality TV show in which children experience the life of a wartime evacuee.
  • Logo for Evacuation Manor House
    Evacuation Manor House
    12 modern children experience life as 1940s evacuees at a country house.
  • Logo for Even Stevens
    Even Stevens
    US sitcom about the sibling rivalry between perfect student Ren Stevens and her brother
  • Logo for Extreme Animals
    Extreme Animals
    Children's wildlife series in which viewers vote for one of ten featured animals
  • Logo for Feather Boy
    Feather Boy
    Children's drama about a bullied schoolboy who has premonitions.
  • Logo for Fee Fi Fo Yum
    Fee Fi Fo Yum
    Game show presented by Les Dennis, in which teams compete to avoid being eaten by giants.
  • Logo for Fergus McPhail
    Fergus McPhail
    Teen comedy about an Australian boy who moves to Melbourne from Queensland.
  • Logo for Frankenfacts!
    Short children's animation to make you giggle
  • Logo for Frankenstein's Cat
    Frankenstein's Cat
    Children's animation about Lottie, a girl who doesn't fit in, and Nine, a mismatched cat
  • Logo for Freefonix
    3D animated music drive adventure series about three teenage band mates.
  • Logo for Fungus the Bogeyman
    Fungus the Bogeyman
    Series based on Raymond Briggs' bestselling children's book
  • Logo for Funky Fables
    Funky Fables
    Animation featuring audience participation. Fairy tales are given a modern twist
  • Logo for Gastronuts
    Food fanatic Stefan Gates discovers the truth about what we eat and where it comes from
  • Logo for Get 100
    Get 100
    Reggie Yates presents the gameshow where the aim of the game is to get 100