CBBC logo
  • Logo for Junior Masterchef
    Junior Masterchef
    Young hopefuls battle it out to be the best cook in the country.
  • Logo for Just So Darwin
    Just So Darwin
    Stories about animals told from an evolutionary perspective
  • Logo for Just William
    Just William
    Children's comedy series focusing on the antics of a rebellious schoolboy.
  • Logo for Keep Your Enemies Close
    Keep Your Enemies Close
    Children's game show that tests friends by forcing them to work with their rivals.
  • Logo for Kerching!
    Join Taj Lewis as he tries to make his millions with website Rudeboy
  • Logo for Krypto the Superdog
    Krypto the Superdog
    Children's animation about Superman's puppy Krypto
  • Logo for KS3 Curriculum Bites
    KS3 Curriculum Bites
    Educational programme
  • Logo for League of Super Evil
    League of Super Evil
    Animated series following the exploits of four bumbling super-villains.
  • Logo for League of Super Evil
    League of Super Evil
    Animated series following the exploits of four bumbling super-villains.
  • Logo for Leon
    Animated comedy shorts. Leon may be the king of blunders, but this lion never gives up!
  • Logo for Lilly the Witch
    Lilly the Witch
    Animation about a normal little girl who is initiated into the ways of magic by a dragon
  • Logo for Little Howard's Big Question
    Little Howard's Big Question
    An animated boy and his human housemate answer questions about the world around them.
  • Logo for Live 'n' Deadly
    Live 'n' Deadly
    Live and unpredictable wildlife show presented by Steve Backshall and Naomi Wilkinson.
  • Logo for Living It
    Living It
    School drama
  • Logo for Lizzie McGuire
    Lizzie McGuire
    Drama series about a teenage girl who lets her animated alter ego express her thoughts
  • Logo for Lockie Leonard
    Lockie Leonard
    Comedy series following the adventures of 12-year-old Australian surf rat Lockie
  • Logo for Maddigan's Quest
    Maddigan's Quest
    Children's drama series set in a post-apocalytic world.
  • Logo for Martha Speaks
    Martha Speaks
    Animation featuring Martha the dog, who eats alphabet soup and gains the power of speech.
  • Logo for Maya and Miguel
    Maya and Miguel
    Children's animation about Maya and Miguel Santos, ten-year-old bilingual twins
  • Logo for Me and My Monsters
    Me and My Monsters
    Children's comedy drama series about a family with monsters living in their basement
  • Logo for Men in Coats
    Men in Coats
    Mik and Moe are thwarted by an over-zealous security guard at a department store.
  • Logo for MI High
    MI High
    Children's drama series about undercover agents in an inner-city high school
  • Logo for Mission: 2110
    Mission: 2110
    Sci-fi drama gameshow in which young recruits battle the evil Roboidz of the future.
  • Logo for Mona the Vampire
    Mona the Vampire
    The cartoon adventures of a ten-year-old girl who solves ghoulish mysteries
  • Logo for Mortified
    Comedy. Taylor Fry feels like a misfit, but deals with the world with a little imagination