• Eliot Kid

    Children's animation featuring Eliot, the little kid with the mind-boggling imagination

  • Escape from Scorpion Island

    Adrenaline-fuelled game show where contestants try to escape from a tropical island.

  • Evacuation

    Reality TV show in which children experience the life of a wartime evacuee.

  • Evacuation Manor House

    12 modern children experience life as 1940s evacuees at a country house.

  • Even Stevens

    US sitcom about the sibling rivalry between perfect student Ren Stevens and her brother

  • Extreme Animals

    Children's wildlife series in which viewers vote for one of ten featured animals

  • Fee Fi Fo Yum

    Game show presented by Les Dennis, in which teams compete to avoid being eaten by giants.

  • Fergus McPhail

    Teen comedy about an Australian boy who moves to Melbourne from Queensland.

  • Frankenfacts!

    Short children's animation to make you giggle

  • Frankenstein's Cat

    Children's animation about Lottie, a girl who doesn't fit in, and Nine, a mismatched cat

  • Freefonix

    3D animated music drive adventure series about three teenage band mates.

  • Fungus the Bogeyman

    Series based on Raymond Briggs' bestselling children's book

  • Funky Fables

    Animation featuring audience participation. Fairy tales are given a modern twist

  • Gastronuts

    Food fanatic Stefan Gates discovers the truth about what we eat and where it comes from

  • Get 100

    Reggie Yates presents the gameshow where the aim of the game is to get 100

  • Get Your Own Back

    Dave Benson Phillips helps more kids get their revenge on deserving adults

  • Half Moon Investigations

    Comedy drama series featuring schoolboy detective Fletcher 'Half' Moon.

  • Hedz

    Comedy sketch show for kids with a 'star-studded' cast.

  • Hider in the House

    Children's entertainment series in which kids attempt to hide a celebrity in their house

  • Horrible Histories

    Historical sketch show, based on the successful books by Terry Deary.

  • Hot Rods

    Nail-biting children's game show combining mental and physical challenges

  • Hotel Trubble

    Children's sitcom set in Hotel Trubble, the craziest hotel in town.

  • Hounded

    Children's comedy series following Rufus Hound's adventures in a parallel universe.

  • I Dream

    Children's drama series in which S Club 8 stars play students at a performing arts academy

  • Jess the Border Collie

    Children's drama series about 11-year-old Jenny Miles and her dog Jess

  • Jinx

    Comedy drama about a girl with a magic cookbook

  • Jump Nation

    Sam Nixon and Mark Rhodes introduce the competition in which jump rope teams battle it out

  • Junior Masterchef

    Young hopefuls battle it out to be the best cook in the country.

  • Just So Darwin

    Stories about animals told from an evolutionary perspective

  • Just William

    Children's comedy series focusing on the antics of a rebellious schoolboy.

  • Keep Your Enemies Close

    Children's game show that tests friends by forcing them to work with their rivals.

  • Kerching!

    Join Taj Lewis as he tries to make his millions with website Rudeboy

  • Leon

    Animated comedy shorts. Leon may be the king of blunders, but this lion never gives up!

  • Lilly the Witch

    Animation about a normal little girl who is initiated into the ways of magic by a dragon

  • Little Howard's Big Question

    An animated boy and his human housemate answer questions about the world around them.

  • Live 'n' Deadly

    Live and unpredictable wildlife show presented by Steve Backshall and Naomi Wilkinson.

  • Living It

    School drama

  • Lizzie McGuire

    Drama series about a teenage girl who lets her animated alter ego express her thoughts