CBBC logo
  • Logo for Bring it On
    Bring it On
    Children's series in which presenters attempt to master new skills
  • Logo for Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons
    Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons
    Gerry Anderson's classic supermarionation series
  • Logo for CBBC Saving Planet Earth
    CBBC Saving Planet Earth
    Visits to exotic places to see what is being done to preserve endangered species
  • Logo for Chat Room, The
    Chat Room, The
    Young people debate various topics related to PSHE Keystage 2a
  • Logo for ChuckleVision
    Children's entertainment with the Chuckle Brothers
  • Logo for Chute!
    Children's TV clips show.
  • Logo for Clash
    Two teams of musically talented kids have to mash-up a piece of well-known music.
  • Logo for Class
    The Mayor is coming to open the new science block but two frogs have just blown it up.
  • Logo for Clay
    Two fourteen-year-old boys magically team up against Mouldy, the town bully.
  • Logo for Clutter Nutters
    Clutter Nutters
    Two kids go head-to-head to see who can throw the most clutter away
  • Logo for Composer: Dai Fujikura
  • Logo for Copycats
    Two families battle it out in a range of hilarious games.
  • Logo for Crisis Control
    Crisis Control
    Six children become cadets at a hidden, high tech emergency response centre
  • Logo for Da Dick and Dom Dairies
    Da Dick and Dom Dairies
    Relive the madness of Dick & Dom in Da Bungalow.
  • Logo for Dance Factory
    Dance Factory
    Reggie Yates searches for non-dancers to turn into the next Usher or Britney
  • Logo for Dani's House
    Dani's House
    Surreal sitcom about an aspiring actress and her friends.
  • Logo for Dead Gorgeous
    Dead Gorgeous
    The adventures of three teenaged sisters - who just happen to be ghosts!
  • Logo for Deadly 60
    Deadly 60
    Wildlife presenter Steve Backshall tracks down 60 of the world's deadliest animals.
  • Logo for Dennis & Gnasher
    Dennis & Gnasher
    Animation. Dennis and Gnasher believe that kids should make the rules.
  • Logo for Dennis & Gnasher Shorts
    Dennis & Gnasher Shorts
    Animation. Dennis and his dog Gnasher believe that kids should make the rules.
  • Logo for Dennis the Menace
    Dennis the Menace
    The classic comic character from the The Beano gets up to his usual mischievous pranks
  • Logo for Desperados
    Series about a wheelchair basketball team
  • Logo for Dick and Dom's Funny Business
    Dick and Dom's Funny Business
    The dynamic duo run their own comedy business, showcasing the cream of British comedy
  • Logo for Diddy Dick and Dom
    Diddy Dick and Dom
    The adventures of Diddy Dick and Dom, who live in a pink cupboard.
  • Logo for Dinosapien
    Fantasy drama about dinosaurs in modern-day Canada