BBC Radio 4

  • Reunion

    Series reuniting groups of people intimately involved in a moment of modern history

  • Revert to Type

    Journalists revisit stories they covered and explore how they have moved on today

  • Rhyme and Reason

    Poet Mr Gee asks his guests to explain their relationship with poetry

  • Richard Herring's Objective

    Richard Herring tries to reclaim objects we've grown to hate

  • Robo Wars

    Stephen Sackur investigates the extent to which technology is taking over combat

  • Rocking Scots

    Midge Ure explores his musical roots and assesses Scotland's rock and pop history

  • Roger Black's Olympic Challenge

    Roger Black takes on one of Britain's most urgent challenges - getting the kids fit

  • Romany Roads

    Series on the history of Gypsies and their culture

  • Rubbish

    Comedy series about Martin Christmas, local government officer, cynic and manic depressive

  • Run up to the Ryder Cup

    Follows the preparations for the 2010 Ryder Cup in South Wales

  • Running Away

    Famous guests put the demands of their hectic daily lives on hold and escape their desks

  • Ruth Rendell's The Fever Tree

    Murderous crime thrillers, dramatised by Yvonne Antrobus

  • Sacrifices

    Families with a talented child talk about the sacrifices they make for them

  • Safety Catch

    Sitcom by Laurence Howarth about a man who has reluctantly drifted into the arms trade

  • Saturday Live

    Real life stories presented by Fi Glover

  • Saturday Play

    The weekly play on Radio 4

  • Saturday PM

    Full coverage and analysis of the day's news, plus the sports headlines

  • Saturday Review

    Sharp, critical discussion of the week's cultural events, with Tom Sutcliffe and guests

  • Save our Seeds

    Jonathon Porritt explores our agricultural biodiversity and how to preserve it

  • Saving Species

    Brett Westwood examines the world of nature and the challenges of wildlife conservation

  • Scrooby Trevithick

    Comedy series written by and starring Andy Parsons

  • Secret Lives

    Gyles Brandreth persuades politicians to talk about their true selves

  • Secret Science

    Vivienne Parry meets the scientists whose work remains unknown to the general public

  • Self-Storage

    Sitcom about a man who moves into a storage unit after the break-up of his marriage

  • Series (2007)

    Six people reflect on the story of Jesus from their own perspective

  • Series 1

    Jolyon Jenkins investigates the seamy side of the cruise business

  • Seven Days

    Series which examines major issues from the point of view of those affected or involved

  • Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

    Five short stories to mark the 40th anniversary of the release of the album

  • Shared Earth

    Series celebrating nature and exploring what can be done to conserve wildlife and habitats

  • Shark Hunt

    Richard Peirce sets out from the Cornish port of Looe in order to catch British sharks

  • Shipping Forecast

    The latest weather reports and forecasts for UK shipping

  • Shopkeepers of the Nation

    Two-part documentary in which Hardeep Singh Kohli traces the history of the corner shop