BBC Radio 4

  • The Frost Years

    David Frost looks at how TV comedy has affected the political process during his career

  • The Garden

    Evocative series telling the story of an Oxfordshire garden through time and the seasons

  • The Garden Quiz

    Anna Ford chairs a quiz to find the best all-round amateur garden expert in the country

  • The Good Samaritan

    Dominic Arkwright meets people who have lent a helping hand, with varying consequences

  • The iPod Series

    David Owen Norris asks which tunes famous historical figures would have had on their iPods

  • The Jam Generation

    Anne McElvoy looks at the growing political influence of the children of the 1980s

  • The Jewish Connection

    Ruth Cowen marks the 150th anniversary of the act which allowed Jews to sit in parliament

  • The Job Clinic

    Liz Barclay meets job seekers whose search for employment is aided by business mentors

  • The Man Who Made France Old

    Julian Barnes and Hermione Lee investigate Prosper Merimee, author and conservationist

  • The Media Show

    Steve Hewlett presents a topical programme about the fast-changing media world

  • The Message

    Discussion programme looking at how current media trends affect our lives

  • The Money Grab

    Alvin Hall explores the rise in corporate pay