BBC Radio 4

  • Phill Jupitus' Strips

    Phill Jupitus meets the creators of some of his favourite comic strips

  • Pick of the Week

    A selection of highlights from the past week on BBC radio.

  • Pick of the Year

    Yearly round-up of the best BBC programmes, selected by radio personalities

  • Pick Ups

    Sitcom by Ian Kershaw, set around a Manchester taxi company

  • Picturing Britain

    Adil Ray views Britain through the lens of five different types of photographer

  • Pilots That Never Flew

    Paul Roseby examines the laborious process of creating successful pilot programmes

  • Placebo

    Ben Goldacre investigates the latest research on the placebo effect

  • Planet Earth Under Threat

    Gabrielle Walker finds out how global warming is changing the natural world

  • Plus Ca Change

    Nick Fraser looks at the issues facing France on the eve of the 2007 presidential election

  • PM

    Afternoon news and current affairs programme

  • Poetry and the Russian Soul

    Martin Sixsmith explores the heart and soul of Russia's poetry

  • Poetry Please

    Selections of poetry on various themes chosen by listeners and presented by Roger McGough.

  • Poetry Slam

    Poets from all around the country battle it out for the title of Radio 4 Slam Winner

  • Poetry Societies

    Series about enthusiasts who meet to enjoy and promote their favourite poetry

  • Policing Britain

    Andy Hayman examines the challenges facing policing in Britain today

  • Political Animal

    John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman present comedians performing exclusively political material

  • Potting On

    Sitcom by Chris Thompson and Peter Reynolds about a couple at odds running a garden centre

  • Power and the Web

    Matthew d'Ancona asks whether the World Wide Web has the potential to reshape society

  • Prayer for the Day

    Radio 4's daily prayer and reflection

  • Profile

    An insight into the character of an influential figure making news headlines

  • Psmith in the City

    Marcy Kahan's dramatisation of PG Wodehouse's comic masterpiece

  • Punt PI

    Steve Punt turns private investigator, examining little mysteries that amuse and beguile

  • Puppets Through America

    Puppeteer Walter Wilkinson's account of his time in America with his travelling peep-show

  • Putting for Profit

    An exploration of the business issues relating to golf

  • Ramblings

    Programme joining notable and interesting people for a walk through the countryside

  • Random Edition

    History series investigating stories taken from archive newspapers

  • Read All About It

    Philippa Kennedy explores the growth in the local newspaper industry

  • Real World

    Series following Christian and Buddhist monks and nuns as they mix with other communities