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  • Logo for Shark Tale
    Shark Tale
    Animated comedy about a fast-talking fish who takes credit for the death of a shark.
  • Logo for Shopping Is My Life
    Shopping Is My Life
    Shopping addicts are confronted about their excesses.
  • Logo for Should I Smoke Dope?
    Should I Smoke Dope?
    Journalist Nicky Taylor investigates the effects of cannabis.
  • Logo for Sinchronicity
    Drama series about a group of 20-somethings
  • Logo for Small Dark Places
    Small Dark Places
    An agoraphobic man slowly becomes aware of a possible dark side to his personality.
  • Logo for Small Teen, Big World
    Small Teen, Big World
    A year in the life of 16-year-old Jasmine Burkitt, who is just 3ft 8in tall.
  • Logo for Snog Marry Avoid?
    Snog Marry Avoid?
    Makeunder show, which sees POD transform OTT girls and boys into natural beauties
  • Logo for Some Dogs Bite
    Some Dogs Bite
    Drama about three brothers on the road trying to find their estranged father.
  • Logo for Spacehopper
    Sketch show featuring the ASBO Youth, and Smeg, who's pregnant with his second child.
  • Logo for Special 1 TV
    Special 1 TV
    Satirical football show using puppet caricatures of various footballing personalities
  • Logo for Spendaholics
    Series that shows how to live a life of luxury on a shoestring budget
  • Logo for Splitting Cells
    Splitting Cells
    Narrative-driven sketch show set in a high security mixed-sex prison in the year 2012.
  • Logo for Spooks - Code 9
    Spooks - Code 9
    Drama series set in 2013, after London has been evacuated following a nuclear bomb.
  • Logo for Stag Weekends: The Dirty Secrets
    Stag Weekends: The Dirty Secrets
    An investigation into British stag parties travelling to Europe's sex tourism hot-spots.
  • Logo for Stanley Park
    Stanley Park
    Drama about a group of young friends living on the same suburban London street.
  • Logo for Stuart: The Day My Life Changed
    Stuart: The Day My Life Changed
    How Stuart Mangan is moving on with his life after being paralysed in a rugby match.
  • Logo for Summer Heights High
    Summer Heights High
    Australian satirical comedy series parodying high school life
  • Logo for Sun, Sex and Holiday Madness
    Sun, Sex and Holiday Madness
    Greg James joins hedonistic Britons heading to the party capital of Magaluf, Mallorca.
  • Logo for Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents
    Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents
    Teens take their first holiday abroad without their parents, who are secretly watching
  • Logo for Sweet Sixteen
    Sweet Sixteen
    Five-part documentary series which follows the lives of teenagers in north London
  • Logo for Teen Cooks
    Teen Cooks
    Chef Ricky Andalcio teaches two clueless teens how to prepare basic family meals.
  • Logo for Teens Hooked on Porn
    Teens Hooked on Porn
    Documentary about British teenagers that have become addicted to internet porn.
  • Logo for The Adventures of Daniel
    The Adventures of Daniel
    Part stand-up, part sketch and part sitcom with young comedy talent Daniel Sloss.
  • Logo for The Autistic Me
    The Autistic Me
    Documentary following three people with autism on the road to being accepted as an adult.
  • Logo for The Autistic Me - One Year On
    The Autistic Me - One Year On
    Documentary revisiting three young men with autism, 12 months after The Autistic Me.