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  • Logo for 16: Too Young to Vote
    16: Too Young to Vote
    Documentary which attempts to find out whether 16-year-olds should be allowed to vote.
  • Logo for 18 Pregnant Schoolgirls
    18 Pregnant Schoolgirls
    How and why a group of American teenagers at the same school came in for pregnancy tests.
  • Logo for 5 Really Disgusting Foods
    5 Really Disgusting Foods
    Alex Riley rounds up his favourite worst bits from Britain's Really Disgusting Food.
  • Logo for Above Their Station
    Above Their Station
    PCSO Len is the victim of a cruel hoax perpetrated by 'proper copper' PC Preston.
  • Logo for Addicted to Boob Jobs
    Addicted to Boob Jobs
    Journalist Louise Roe goes on a journey to discover why women repeatedly have boob jobs.
  • Logo for Admin
    Sitcom pilot about a group of post room workers in a no-win-no-fee law firm.
  • Logo for Africa Cup of Nations
    Africa Cup of Nations
    Coverage of the football tournament
  • Logo for Alesha Dixon: Who's Your Daddy?
    Alesha Dixon: Who's Your Daddy?
    Singer Alesha Dixon investigates the potential fallout of not knowing who your father is.
  • Logo for Alesha: Look but Don't Touch
    Alesha: Look but Don't Touch
    Alesha Dixon investigates the practice of airbrushing and retouching in magazine photos.
  • Logo for Alice and Her Six Dads
    Alice and Her Six Dads
    Alice has a big decision to make, which of her dads will walk her down the aisle?
  • Logo for Alien Autopsy
    Alien Autopsy
    Two men buy footage of the infamous 1947 Roswell alien autopsy, but damage the film.
  • Logo for Almost Famous
    Almost Famous
    Clips of some of the early embarrassing moments in many a celebrity's fledgling career.
  • Logo for American Dad
    American Dad
    Cartoon comedy about a CIA agent who will stop at nothing to protect his country
  • Logo for Amy: My Body for Bucks
    Amy: My Body for Bucks
    Documentary which follows Amy Hall, a full-time drama student, single mum and lap dancer.
  • Logo for Are You Fitter Than a Pensioner?
    Are You Fitter Than a Pensioner?
    Unhealthy young Brits are immersed into the world of health-obsessed old age pensioners
  • Logo for Armageddon
    Sci-fi thriller in which there are 18 days to save the world from an approaching asteroid.
  • Logo for Autism, Disco and Me
    Autism, Disco and Me
    How disco dancing has transformed autistic 10-year-old James Hobley's life.
  • Logo for Autistic Driving School
    Autistic Driving School
    Documentary following a group of young characters with autism as they learn how to drive.
  • Logo for Autistic Superstars
    Autistic Superstars
    Reggie Yates seeks out talented young people with autism to perform at a music event
  • Logo for Baby Beauty Queens
    Baby Beauty Queens
    Documentary following three girls in the lead-up to the final of the Mini Miss UK contest.
  • Logo for Baby Beauty Queens
    Baby Beauty Queens
    Series examining the UK's child beauty pageant and child model industry
  • Logo for Baby Borrowers
    Baby Borrowers
    Documentary about an experiment in which teenage couples look after young children
  • Logo for Baby Borrowers USA
    Baby Borrowers USA
    Five American teenage couples learn to parent using other people's babies and children
  • Logo for Ballet Boyz: The Rite of Spring
    Ballet Boyz: The Rite of Spring
    Radical interpretation of The Rite of Spring, with dancers from different modern styles.
  • Logo for Barely Legal
    Barely Legal
    Sketch show pilot in which hot new comic performers embrace a load of ridiculous scenarios