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H (18), Casey (14) and baby Severino have been split up after their mother's death. Casey is in care; Severino has been fostered with a view to adoption, and no one really cares what H does; even his mum thought he was a waste of space. But Casey is determined to keep the family together - running away from care, Casey snatches Severino from the baby's foster parents, steals H's stash of money and posts the cash to a PO Box in Inverness in the north of Scotland. His goal is to find his estranged dad, who moved back to Inverness years ago, a long way from London. To ensure his older brother's help on the journey, Casey makes sure H will need to sign for the money - if H wants it back, he'll have to join them on their road trip north. It is the start of a life-changing journey, in which the brothers meet other teenagers whose lives are similarly touched by hurt, but who also have the potential for change. Venetia is neglected by her mother and, with her best friend Seema, is intent on getting what she's owed by her mum's useless ex-boyfriends. Lenny has returned from serving in Afghanistan, only to find his girlfriend has left him and taken his new baby daughter with her. Along with H, Casey and Severino, this unlikely ensemble of overlooked young people find untapped value in themselves and come to understand the heart-breaking strength of family ties. Together they discover direction in a world that has forgotten about them.