BBC Programmes

  • Bill Oddie Goes Wild

    The birdwatching comedian travels around Britain looking at wildlife

  • Bill's Food

    Bill Granger uses the diverse cultural influences of Sydney for his recipes

  • Bits and Bobs

    The adventures of Bits and Bobs, two inquisitive balls of fluff

  • Bizarre ER

    Series about eye-watering cases which come through the doors of British A&E departments

  • Blackadder

    Comedy set in different historical periods that features the exploits of Edmund Blackadder

  • Blackpool Medics

    BBC film crews follow the doctors, nurses and paramedics of Blackpool Victoria Hospital

  • Blackstreet

    Laura McCrum explores Scottish music of black origin

  • Blaggers Guide

    David Quantick with everything you need to know about music in easily digestible chunks

  • Blas

    Blasu a dadansoddi bwyd a diod o bob math. All aspects of food and drink.

  • Blas an Domhnaigh

    Karen Kirby presents her choice of Irish music

  • Blas Ceoil

    Complete performances from artists recorded in venues from across Northern Ireland

  • Blas Ceoil

    Gaelic music programme

  • Bob the Builder: Project Build It

    Animated adventures with Bob the Builder as he constructs an ecologically-friendly town

  • Bocsio

    Sylwebaeth fyw o'r bocsio. Live boxing coverage

  • Body Image

    A look at the different shapes and sizes of bodies and people's attitudes to them

  • Boo!

    The adventures of Boo, who likes to hide

  • Boogie Beebies

    Children's music programme. A chance for viewers to dance with Nat and Pete

  • Book at Bedtime

    Readings from modern classics, new works by leading writers and world literature

  • Bookclub

    Led by James Naughtie, readers talk to acclaimed authors about their best known novels

  • Book Club

    Authors discuss books they've written

  • Book of the Week

    Serialised book readings, featuring works from various genres

  • Book Programme

    Reviews, news and interviews with authors and regular competitions