BBC Radio 4

  • Act Your Age

    Host Simon Mayo pits the comic generations against each other

  • Actor's Words

    Five actors read self-penned stories

  • Addiction

    Stories on the theme of addictions and obsessions

  • Adventures in Poetry

    Programme exploring the background, effect and lasting appeal of some well-loved poems

  • Animal Magic

    Rebecca Stott discovers how seemingly repellent animals can aid modern science

  • Ankle High History

    Series in which Mark Stephen uncovers Scotland's lost archaeological history

  • Any Answers?

    Listeners respond to the issues raised in the preceding edition of Any Questions?

  • Any Complaints about Europe?

    Mark Mardell looks at the work of the Petitions Committee of the European Parliament

  • Any Questions?

    Topical discussion posing questions to a panel of political and media personalities

  • Aping Evolution

    Prof Steve Jones takes a sceptical look at the new science of evolutionary psychology

  • Apprentice to the Past

    Series about ancient British trades, presented by Clare Jenkins

  • Archive on 4

    A look back at programmes and recordings from the BBC archives

  • Art Attack

    Series investigating attacks on art works, from the earliest times to the present day

  • Art Made in China

    Roger Law investigates the extraordinary boom in contemporary Chinese art

  • Arthur Smith's Balham Bash

    Arthur Smith invites an audience into his home for music and comedy

  • Arturart

    Arthur Smith presents a series of comedy lectures on different aspects of Art