BBC Radio 4

  • Dead Sea Scrolls Revisited

    Roger Bolton reassesses one of the world's great archaeological discoveries

  • Dear Darwin

    Leading scientists address letters to Charles Darwin

  • Decision Time

    A look at how controversial decisions are reached behind closed doors in Whitehall

  • Deep Trouble

    Comedy series set aboard HMS Goliath, a nuclear stealth submarine

  • Do Nothing

    Simon Heffer of the Daily Telegraph argues the case for political minimalism

  • Document

    Historical investigation programme, taking a document as a starting point

  • Doon The Watta

    Nicholas Parsons revisits the Clyde, where he was an apprentice in the 1940s

  • Double Science

    Comedy by Ben Willbond and Justin Edwards about two science teachers

  • Edge Falls

    Comedy series following the lives of the staff of Edge Falls Retail Village

  • Edward the Black Prince

    Peter and Dan Snow follow in the footsteps of the chivalric hero of the 100 Years' War

  • Electric Ink

    Satirical comedy. Old hacks meet new media in the newspaper industry

  • Electric Ride

    Peter Curran takes a bold 4,500 mile trans-European journey in an electric car

  • Elementary Dear Listener

    Series examining great scientific breakthroughs that have changed police work forever

  • Elvenquest

    Fantasy-based sitcom set on Lower Earth

  • Elvis Effect

    Programme investigating the phenomenon of the Elvis Presley brand

  • Enemies Within

    Ruth McDonald explores the world of intelligence services' informers in Northern Ireland

  • Energising the West

    Miriam O'Reilly explores alternative energy technologies in the West Country

  • Energy Swap

    Series in which families from the US and UK swap lifestyles to compare their energy use

  • Europeans on the Edge

    Lucy Ash profiles Europeans whose lives reflect the crisis in the European economy

  • Evan Loves Tax

    Evan Davis investigates Britain's complex tax system