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  • Logo for Kill Bill Vol 1
    Kill Bill Vol 1
    Thriller. A female contract killer wreaks revenge on the assassins who tried to kill her.
  • Logo for Kill It, Cook It, Eat It
    Kill It, Cook It, Eat It
    Series which follows the journey of farm animals from the pasture to the plate
  • Logo for Kirsten's Topless Ambition
    Kirsten's Topless Ambition
    Presenter Kirsten O'Brien tries to decide whether to take her clothes off for a lads' mag.
  • Logo for La La Land
    La La Land
    Comedy series about three English wannabes who have just arrived in Hollywood
  • Logo for Lake Placid
    Lake Placid
    Horror comedy about the hunt for a huge man-eating reptile living in a lake in Maine.
  • Logo for Last Man Standing
    Last Man Standing
    Athletic adventurers compete with tribal champions
  • Logo for Last Woman Standing
    Last Woman Standing
    Five British athletes travel the world, living and competing with remote tribes.
  • Logo for Laughtershock
    Comedy pilot starring 14 hot new stand-ups, featuring live comedy and pre-filmed sketches.
  • Logo for Lee Nelson's Well Good Show
    Lee Nelson's Well Good Show
    Irrepressible South London geeza Lee "Nelsy" Nelson fronts his own show.
  • Logo for Legally Blonde
    Legally Blonde
    A West Coast girl enrols at Harvard law school in order to win back her ex-boyfriend.
  • Logo for Lewis Hamilton: Billion Dollar Man
    Lewis Hamilton: Billion Dollar Man
    Biography of British motor racing sensation Lewis Hamilton.
  • Logo for LifeSpam: My Child Is French
    LifeSpam: My Child Is French
    A woman struggles to come to terms with her son's rare and debilitating condition.
  • Logo for Lily Allen and Friends
    Lily Allen and Friends
    Aided by her online network of friends, Lily Allen hosts a programme of music and chat.
  • Logo for Lindsay Lohan's Indian Journey
    Lindsay Lohan's Indian Journey
    Actress Lindsay Lohan travels to India to investigate the issue of child trafficking.
  • Logo for Lip Service
    Lip Service
    Sex, lies and true love amongst a group of twenty-something lesbians in Glasgow.
  • Logo for Little Britain
    Little Britain
    The zany comedy show with Matt Lucas and David Walliams
  • Logo for Look Who's Talking
    Look Who's Talking
    Romantic comedy about an unmarried young mother, with asides to camera from her baby.
  • Logo for Look Who's Talking Now
    Look Who's Talking Now
    In the third of the Look Who's Talking comedies, two dogs enter the Umbriacco household.
  • Logo for Look Who's Talking Too
    Look Who's Talking Too
    Comedy sequel. Mikey is presented with a new baby sister.
  • Logo for Love Me, Love My Face
    Love Me, Love My Face
    Film about a man with a genetic condition which affected how his facial bones developed.
  • Logo for Mad About the House
    Mad About the House
    One half of a couple is given cash to transform their house into a dream living space
  • Logo for Make My Body Younger
    Make My Body Younger
    Series advising people with excessive lifestyles on becoming healthier and avoid illness
  • Logo for Malice
    Thriller in which a recently-married couple find their lives turned upside-down.
  • Logo for Man Stroke Woman
    Man Stroke Woman
    Comedy sketch show
  • Logo for Manchester Passion
    Manchester Passion
    Contemporary retelling of the Passion of Jesus Christ, with a new Mancunian soundtrack.