• Love Soup

    Bittersweet comedy drama about the eternal search for the perfect partner.

  • Luther

    Thrilling crime drama starring Idris Elba (The Wire) as DCI John Luther.

  • Make Me...

    In a new series, Michael Mosley aims to answer some of science's most puzzlng questions.

  • Making Scotland's Landscape

    Dr Iain Stewart reveals how centuries of human activity have changed Scotland's landscape.

  • Missing

    Drama series set in a busy, under-resourced missing persons unit.

  • Missing Live

    Series following the work of police as they search for missing people.

  • Mission Africa

    Nick Knowles and his team travel to Africa to aid conservation and encourage tourism

  • Mistresses

    Drama series about four female friends' marital and extramarital relationships.

  • Modern Masters

    A series charting the life, work and influence of Picasso, Matisse, Dali and Warhol.

  • Monarchy: The Royal Family at Work

    Documentary providing insight into the work of members of the Royal Family over a year.

  • Monitor

    BBC flagship arts programme of the 1950s and 1960s.

  • Motorway Cops

    A look at the work of the traffic police as they enforce the law on Britain's roads.

  • Mountain

    Griff Rhys Jones explores the great mountain ranges of Britain, from Scotland southwards

  • Movie Connections

    Documentary series looking at famous British films.

  • Moving On

    Series of dramas linked by a theme: how to 'move on' and pass turning points in life

  • Mrs Brown's Boys

    Comedy starring Brendan O'Carroll as Agnes Brown: the loudest, proudest mother in Ireland.

  • Music Makers

    Series documenting the success of some of Ireland's most acclaimed artistes.

  • Mutual Friends

    Comedy-drama series following the lives of a group of old friends

  • My Family

    Domestic sitcom following the fortunes of Ben and Susan Harper and their children

  • My Family at War

    Celebrities investigate their families' roles during the Great War.

  • My Life as a Child

    Series aimed at adults, made by children who recorded their life over several months

  • My Life For Sale

    Programme which transform peoples lives with the click of a mouse

  • My Life for Sale

    Lorne Spicer and Anna Ryder Richardson transform peoples lives with the click of a mouse

  • My Story

    Finalists in the BBC's My Story competition reveal their extraordinary true life tales.

  • New Hotel Stephanie

    Businesswoman Stephanie Booth takes over The Wynnstay, a loss-making hotel in Wrexham.

  • New Nation

    Series profiling some of the diverse communities that make up modern-day Wales.

  • New Tricks

    Drama about an eccentric group of ex-policemen, brought together to solve unsolved crimes

  • New Year Live

    Massive end-of-year party with guests, music and fireworks

  • News

    The latest national and international news

  • News 24 Sunday

    A weekly look at key news stories and news makers.

  • NI Wags

    Series about the wives and girlfriends of seven different Northern Irish sports stars

  • NI's Greatest Haunts

    Some of NI's most haunted buildings come under the spotlight of paranormal investigators.