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  • Logo for Bee Movie
    Bee Movie
    A disillusioned bee flees to New York in search of a new life.
  • Logo for Beechgrove Garden
    Beechgrove Garden
    Scotland's favourite gardening programme.
  • Logo for Behind Closed Doors
    Behind Closed Doors
    Documentary following the sisters at the Poor Clare monastery in Belfast.
  • Logo for Behind Closed Doors
    Behind Closed Doors
    The current affairs series investigates plans to further criminalise prostitutes.
  • Logo for Belfast Zoo
    Belfast Zoo
    Documentary series following the lives of keepers and animals at Belfast Zoo.
  • Logo for Belonging
    Drama set in the Welsh valley town of Bryncoed, revolving around the Lewis family
  • Logo for Below
    WW2 horror. When a US sub rescues some British sailors, strange things start to happen.
  • Logo for Below
    Second World War horror. Strange things happen when a US sub rescues some British sailors.
  • Logo for Bend It like Beckham
    Bend It like Beckham
    A young Asian woman joins a football team, but does not tell her traditionalist family.
  • Logo for Bergerac
    Police drama series set in Jersey.
  • Logo for Best of Homes Under the Hammer
    Best of Homes Under the Hammer
    Highlights from the programme which uncovers the tricks of the property auction trade.
  • Logo for Best Seller
    Best Seller
    Violent thriller. A hit man decides to spill the beans to a cop turned author.
  • Logo for Between Life and Death
    Between Life and Death
    Provocative documentary following the doctors who can now interrupt the death process.
  • Logo for Between the Lines
    Between the Lines
    Drama about internal investigations within the police force.
  • Logo for Beverly Hills Cop II
    Beverly Hills Cop II
    A hard-nosed Detroit cop returns to Los Angeles to help solve a series of robberies.
  • Logo for Big
    An adolescent boy's secret wish backfires when he transforms into a 35-year-old.
  • Logo for Big Bike Ride
    Big Bike Ride
    Documentary about two OAPs who set off on a 6000-km bicycle trip.
  • Logo for Big Cat Diary
    Big Cat Diary
    No Information Available
  • Logo for Big Cat Live
    Big Cat Live
    Live broadcasts from Kenya's Masai Mara game reserve, looking at the lives of Big Cats.
  • Logo for Big Cuts Debate
    Big Cuts Debate
    Glenn Campbell hosts a studio debate to discuss the government's threatened spending cuts.
  • Logo for Big Momma's House
    Big Momma's House
    Comedy. An FBI officer goes to extreme lengths to stay on the trail of a bank robber.
  • Logo for Big Top
    Big Top
    Colourful comedy series set in and around a travelling circus.
  • Logo for Big Trouble
    Big Trouble
    Comedy about a motley bunch of characters who get caught up in an assassination attempt.
  • Logo for Biker Boyz
    Biker Boyz
    Fast-paced action drama about two radical biker gangs who set out to prove themselves.
  • Logo for Bikes!
    Coverage of Northern Ireland's motorcycle racing scene