You and Yours - 09/11/2010

Is it fair that long-term benefit claimants should be forced to do community work? As part of its welfare reforms, the government's set to announce a scheme requiring those without a job and claiming benefits to do community tasks like gardening or collecting litter. The aim is to encourage the long-term unemployed back into the routine of a 9 to 5 job - and to cut the massive benefits bill. Anyone refusing to cooperate could lose their job-seekers' allowance of £65 a week for at least three months. Critics say it's punishing those who want to work but can't find a job. And it will mean they'll have less time to look for employment. But the government says the Work Activity scheme is designed to flush out those who've chosen a life on benefits or who are doing undeclared jobs on the side. So, with five million people on unemployment benefits and nearly two million children living in households where no-one has a job, what is the answer? Call You and Yours with Julian Worricker. Your chance to share your views on the programme. Call 03700 100 444 (lines open at 10am on the day) or email youandyours@bbc.co.uk.


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