You and Yours - 08/06/2010

If alcohol cost more, would you drink less? The government's health watchdog, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, says introducing a minimum price on alcohol in England is the best way to tackle excessive drinking. Alcohol abuse causes half a million crimes, 17 million lost working days, and nearly 15,000 deaths a year in England alone. So is banning cheap booze the answer? The Scottish government is trying to bring in a minimum pricing law later this year. Northern Ireland and Wales will see what happens in England. But will it target binge drinkers or just penalise those with moderate intake? Do you drink more because your friends do, not because alcohol's cheap? Call You and Yours with Winifred Robinson - Your chance to share your views on the programme call 03700 100 444 or email youandyours@bbc.co.uk.


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