World on 3 - Mary Ann Kennedy

Mary Ann Kennedy with new tracks from across the globe, and a studio session with Hebridean musician Iain Morrison. Best-known for his work with former indie band Crash My Model Car, he looks to his musical heritage in a new project involving 'one-woman ceilidh' Rona Lightfoot, as well as his own father, Pipe Major Iain Morrison Senior. When Pipe Major Iain Morrison first heard his son playing guitar, we're told he didn't speak to him for a week. He had raised his son in the best traditions of the music of the Great Highland Bagpipe, which he had himself transformed with the introduction of influences from the local singing style, and from the singing language of traditional pipers, 'canntaireachd'. But after making a big impact on the piping world in his early teenage years, Iain junior turned to singing and songwriting, with bands such as Poor Old Ben and Crash My Model Car. This project unites the traditions of his dynastic piping family with his modern-day incarnation as rock musician and songwriter. The ensemble includes guitar, drums, bouzouki and cello as well as pipes and the singing of Rona Lightfoot and Iain Morrison Senior. The session is scheduled for Mary Ann's own studio up in the Western Highlands of Scotland.