Woman's Hour - Holly Hunter

Jenni Murray talks to Holly Hunter, one of Hollywood's most intriguing stars. From mute Scottish widow to the voice of Elastigirl in The Incredibles, Holly Hunter is best known for her Oscar-winning performance in Jane Campion's The Piano. Described as one of Hollywood's most intriguing actresses she has worked alongside Tom Cruise, George Clooney, William Hurt and Morgan Freeman. At home both on stage and screen she is now performing in London's West End for the first time. Holly Hunter talks to Woman's Hour about her role as the passionate Hester Swane, in the play, By the Bog of Cats at the Wyndhams Theatre. Would some women benefit from an alternative to IVF? Most women are offered IVF rather than tubal surgery. But for some, such surgery might solve infertility problems. Dr Gillian Lockwood, Medical Director of Midland Fertility Services and Geoffrey Trew, consultant in reproductive medicine and surgery at Hammersmith Hospital in London join Woman's Hour to discuss. The French novelist Andre Gide described figs as "the closed room where marriages are made". And the fruit has long been considered an aphrodisiac. The Romans ate huge amounts of both fresh and dried figs. The finest fresh ones were an expensive delicacy, while the cheap ones were described by Pliny as the food of slaves. And they're still popular today as Anna Mcnamee discovered when she went to visit the food writer Diana Henry who uses them to make a most unusual dessert: Marzipan and chocolate stuffed figs in red wine syrup With the start of a New Year many people take a long hard look at their lives and think about alternative lifestyles. Ayesha Hazarika has done something about it. By day she is the press officer to the Trade and Industry Secretary Patricia Hewitt, while by night she is a stand-up comedienne. She tells us how she manages to juggle her two jobs and talks of the similarities between politics and comedy.