Woman's Hour - 21/05/2009

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With Jenni Murray. Joining Jenni is 23-year-old Sarah Outen, live from her small boat in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Sarah is hoping to become the first woman - and the youngest and fastest person - to sail solo from Western Australia to Mauritius. After fifty days at sea she describes what it's like to row for up to twelve hours a day, riding thirty foot waves, battling winds and currents, sharks, shipping traffic and capsizes. A new film showing at Cannes Film Festival chronicles the life and times of Hypatia of Alexandria. Woman's Hour gives you a guide to the editor of Euclid's 'Elements', who, as a leading pagan, met a grisly end at the hands of a Christian mob. We only know of Hypatia from four sources, three of which decry her as a troublesome individual. But modern historians have reconstructed her as a leading woman of her age and a martyr to reason. Jenni discusses Hypatia's significance with historians Bettany Hughes and Edith Hall. There used to be a time when ME, or chronic fatigue syndrome, was dismissed as 'yuppie flu'. Years after it was officially recognised by the government, 85 per cent of young people with the condition are still not getting access to the effective specialist treatment that could transform their lives. Woman's Hour looks at how support can be improved and the impact it has on sufferers and their families. How can women make money out of brilliant ideas? Whether it's through blogs, podcasts or twitter, female entrepreneurs are making their business stand out on the internet, without having to leave their living room.