Woman's Hour - 14/12/2009

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With Jane Garvey. The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority is to consider whether reimbursement paid to egg donors should be increased. This is partly in response to the shortage of egg donors. But is it a good idea? Jane is joined by Professor Lisa Jardine, chair of the HFEA, to discuss this. Three-times Oscar-nominated actress Sigourney Weaver is most widely known for playing tough-talking action hero Ellen Ripley in the four Alien films. Thirty years after her first appearance in Alien, she plays a lead role in another science fiction adventure - James Cameron's long awaited Avatar, said to be the most expensive film ever made. Sigourney plays two roles: scientist Dr Grace Augustine and her genetically-bred counterpart, a hybrid creature who resembles Grace - except for being ten feet tall and blue. She talks to Jane about her latest role. There are always the occasional shocking headlines about irresponsible parents disappearing on holiday and leaving their children behind, but would you leave an eight-year-old in the house while you went to the corner shop? Would you leave a twelve-year-old in charge of a six-year-old? Author Amanda Craig and the NSPCC's parenting advisor Eileen Hayes discuss the issues of leaving children home alone. Christmas is coming, and on the day itself the kitchen can become either a battlefield or a refuge of warmth and sharing. Some people will gather the family round and share out the tasks of peeling and scrubbing. Others turn downright nasty at the thought of someone invading their domain. So is there a happy medium? Jane is joined by author Sophie King and Masterchef finalist Fiona Bird to debate how best to organise the cooking harmoniously on Christmas Day.