Woman's Hour - 13/04/2010

Presented by Jane Garvey. As the Victoria and Albert Museum opens an exhibition devoted to the Hollywood actress Grace Kelly who became Princess of Monaco - Jane Garvey meets the curator Jenny Lister and biographer Sarah Bradford. Continuing the series of Woman's Hour interviews with women standing down from parliament - Jane talks to Ann Cryer. First elected Labour MP for Keighley in 1997 Ann Cryer was the first MP to raise the issue of forced marriage and became a key campaigner promoting legislation to protect young women from being forced to marry against their will. Last week on Woman's Hour we heard from independent Labour MP Clare Short and former Conservative minister Ann Widdecombe. Kishwar Desai was the head of a TV channel in India and produced and presented programmes. Now she has written her first novel, a thriller, set in the Punjab. She joins Jane to discuss some of the issues explored in the book - the killing of baby girls, police corruption and the book's rather unconventional heroine: a gin-drinking, chain- smoking, 45 year old unmarried social worker. And Philosopher Alain de Botton and agony aunt and writer Virginia Ironside debate gratitude and saying thank you. Most religions encourage you to express gratitude but in secular societies there's far less emphasis on saying thank you. How important is it to teach children to say thank you? If gratitude isn't forthcoming, what does it feel like not to receive it? And are people who express gratitude or have a grateful disposition generally happier than ungrateful people?


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