Woman's Hour - 10/05/2010

Logo for Woman's Hour - 10/05/2010

Presented by Jane Garvey. Casting new light on the Lady with the Lamp: the newly redeveloped Florence Nightingale museum on London's Southbank.Wendy Law-Yone talks about her new book, The Road to Wanting, which takes the heroine on a journey from the remote tribal villages of northern Burma, to ex-pat life in Rangoon under a grim military regime, and then, in shocking scenes, to the brothels of Thailand and the hedonism of Bangkok. We look at the Satchel as this season's new fashion must-have and we cover a row over the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery's decision to open "Art from the New World" with a striptease performance at a private party from Burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese. The museum says she is in keeping with the style of the art on display, but others argue that stripping has no place in an art gallery.