Whites - Episode 1

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Comedy series starring Alan Davies, set in the kitchen of a country house hotel, following the trials and tribulations of head chef Roland White and his long suffering sous chef Bib. Bib is working under masses of pressure, whilst Roland is taking his own time, away from service, to write a book that nobody has asked him to, much to the annoyance of restaurant manager Caroline. Spurred on by the news a publisher is coming to dinner with owner Celia, he sets about showing his worth as a top chef. To assist his put-upon sous chef, he hires an apprentice Skoose. Bib is overjoyed. This, however, is short lived. Assisted by kooky waitress Kiki, the team pulls together under the pressure of a busy dinner service to keep it running smoothly, and impress the guests with their top quality food. Will they do it?