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Ronnie Corbett reunites with the writers of his hit sitcom Sorry, Ian Davidson and Peter Vincent. Sorry ran for seven series on BBC 1 and was number one in the UK ratings. In this Radio 4 sitcom, Ronnie plays Sandy Hopper, who is growing old happily along with his dog Henry. His grown up children 'both married to people Sandy doesn't approve of at all' would like him to move out of the family home so they can get their hands on their money earlier. But Sandy's not having this. He's not moving until the dog dies. And not just that, how can he move if he's got a lodger? His daughter is convinced that his too attractive lodger Dolores (Liza Tarbuck) is after Sandy and his money. Luckily, Sandy has three grandchildren and sometimes a friendly word, a kindly hand on the shoulder can really help a Granddad in the twenty-first century. Man and dog together face a complicated world. There's every chance they'll make it more so. In this first episode, The Same Hymn Sheet, Sandy wants to protect his grandson Tyson from the harsh training programme and insane sporting ambitions of Tyson's father Blake, and sets out to torpedo Blake's touchline plans. The story takes Sandy all the way to the bank. Unfortunately, it's the bottle bank. Cast: Sandy ...... Ronnie Corbett Dolores ..... Liza Tarbuck Mrs Pompom ..... Sally Grace Ellie ..... Tilly Vosburgh Blake ...... Jonathan Aris Mr Stott ..... Jon Glover Tyson ..... Daniel Bridle Pronunciations: Lisa - Leeza Aris - Airis Producer: Liz Anstee A CPL Production for BBC Radio 4.