Week in Westminster - 25/04/2009

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This week Jackie Ashley looks at the fall-out from the budget. Ruth Kelly, former Treasury minister and Michael Fallon, Conservative member of the Treasury select committee consider its political implications while John Gummer, Conservative MP and environmentalist joins Lord Digby Jones, former government adviser to discuss how far it advances the green agenda. The Prime Minister himself no less has entered the fray over MPs expenses with a set of proposals to reform the system. But is a fair case being made for MPs who need to have two homes in order to serve both parliament and their constituents? Andrew Dismore, Labour and Liberal Democrat Nick Harvey, both members of the committee on standards and privileges, discuss the new proposals. Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has had a rough ride recently with criticisms ranging from her expenses claims to her handling of a number of policing issues. Two former Home Secretaries Charles Clarke (Labour) and Michael Howard (Conservative) look at her record so far. This week Lord Mandelson compared himself to fellow peer and fomer president of the Board of Trade Michael Heseltine. What does Lord Heseltine make of the comparison?