Waybuloo - Series 1 - Tricky Kicky

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Animated series set in the magical land of Nara, inhabited by the joyful and gentle Piplings. Join Lau Lau, Yojojo, De Li and Nok Tok as they learn Yogo, meet children and have fun. Nok Tok wants everyone to play Tricky Kicky. But De Li thinks playing the game is difficult. One by one, each Pipling shows De Li the special ways they use to kick the pod through the posts. But each time De Li tries to kick, it goes wrong. Then the cheebies arrive and start to play. One cheebie gives De Li her lucky pebble to help her kick the pod. De Li holds the pebble while she kicks... and it works! De Li is so happy. However, as De Li is about to do her final kick, she waves at the cheebies and loses the pebble! The cheebies explain that De Li doesn't always need it. If she has done it once, she can do it again. Sure enough, De Li kicks the ball through the posts... all by herself.