Waybuloo - Series 1 - Sad Narabug

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Animated series set in the magical land of Nara, inhabited by the joyful and gentle Piplings. Join Lau Lau, Yojojo, De Li and Nok Tok as they learn Yogo, meet children and have fun. De Li cannot find her Narabug. Yojojo sees it in a hollow in a bush. De Li is happy until she realises that it won't come out. The Piplings try playing music for the Narabug and Yojojo tries to make it laugh but it won't leave the bush. When the children arrive, they wonder if the Narabug is sad. De Li remembers what her Narabug likes best: neepnips and flowers! But even these don't make it come out. Lau Lau wonders if seeing its friends might make the Narabug happy- but the Narabug still remains inside. When the cheebies look more closely, they discover the Narabug is sitting on an egg! The egg hatches into a baby Narabug! Everyone is delighted!