Waybuloo - Series 1 - Clouds

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Animated series set in the magical land of Nara, inhabited by the joyful and gentle Piplings. Join Lau Lau, Yojojo, De Li and Nok Tok as they learn Yogo, meet children and have fun. Lau Lau wants to draw the wonderful clouds in the sky as a present for De Li, but the clouds keep changing shape and Lau Lau cannot draw fast enough. When the cheebies arrive, they help by drawing with her. They quickly produce a large pile of different cloud pictures. A cheebie places a rock on them to stop them from blowing away. Suddenly the wind blows very hard and the pages are flipped over, one by one. Everyone gasps to see that the flapping pictures now look like the moving clouds. Lau Lau is very happy. Now De Li has a cloud picture that shows the clouds moving too!