Waybuloo - Series 1 - Clever Tree

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Animated series set in the magical land of Nara, inhabited by the joyful and gentle Piplings. Join Lau Lau, Yojojo, De Li and Nok Tok as they learn Yogo, meet children and have fun. Yojojo hides behind a tree and talks to Lau Lau. Lau Lau wants to introduce all the other Piplings to her new tree friend! Yojojo is worried that Lau Lau will be upset when she discovers that the tree can't really talk, but Lau Lau is more upset when the tree won't even say hello! When the cheebies arrive, she wants them to meet the talking tree too, but it remains silent. Yojojo tries to fix things by talking to Lau Lau from behind the tree one last time, so it can tell her that it's decided it isn't going to talk anymore. But the cheebies see Yojojo behind the tree and they say he must tell Lau Lau the truth. Yojojo is worried that Lau Lau will be cross with him but she's delighted at the joke!