Walking with Dinosaurs - Compilations - Episode 2

149 million years ago and Oxfordshire is under water, with just a few scattered islands poking up through the sea. This is an ocean world ruled not by dinosaurs, but by an entirely different type of creature, every bit as awesome and successful - the marine reptiles. The programme tells the story of a violent struggle for life that occurs every year in this group of islands. It begins with the arrival of the hundreds of pregnant ophthalmosaurus who come from the deeper oceans to give birth. But they in turn attract predators like liopleurodon, at 25 metres long the biggest carnivore that ever lived. This is followed by a look at what dominated the skies 127 million years ago - huge flying reptiles, some as large as small aeroplanes - and an extraordinary journey undertaken by one of the majestic pterosaurs. The creature flies for thousands of miles over continents and oceans, with a myriad of dinosaurs beneath him, to reach his breeding site. But for this ageing giant of the sky, the journey turns out to be his last.


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  • Narrator Kenneth Branagh