Underage and Pregnant - Series 2 - Leah and Natasha

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Series which goes behind the sensational headlines to discover what it is really like to be underage and pregnant. Following a mix of schoolgirl mums and dads from varied backgrounds, the teens tell their own story of how their lives are transformed from pregnancy to birth and life with a baby. As well as sharing their hopes and fears, viewers will see how the pregnancy affects the rest of their world, from relationships with partners, friends and family to the impact on their education, body image and social life. Natasha from Dumfries is 16 and her baby son Leo is two months old. Despite wishing she was older before becoming a mum, Natasha's long-term relationship with boyfriend Jordan is standing up to pressure. Living with Jordan's parents, over-crowding is a serious issue - the young couple have to share a room with their baby and Jordan's 14-year-old brother Connor. Poverty strikes as the couple try and live with a few pounds left over after bills. Will Jordan be able to provide for his young family or will real life pressures prove to be too much for them? Leah from south London is 15 and three months pregnant. A high achiever academically, her pregnancy is a shock to mum Jeannie. As her pregnancy progresses, the practicalities of becoming a mum are sinking in, while her dreams of becoming a doctor are hanging in the balance Part of The Adult Season on BBC Three.