Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps - Series 9 - The Gaz-Bot

Gaz begins to embrace being in a wheelchair and decides to become a Paralympian. Donna sees this as a golden opportunity to prepare for her new HR manager job and takes over his training, pushing him to the limit when she forces him into a marathon. Billy agrees to a date with Cassie. He isn't exactly won over with an outing to see cage fighting, or her dedication of a song by her favourite band, Rectal Discharge. But when she starts bossing him about and dominating him, he realises the missing something he was looking for in a girl. Having come out, Tim struggles to leave his old life behind and considers winning back Helena. But when he goes to the rugby club to do so, he finds his head is turned by the very fit, young, naked men and realises he is most definitely gay.