Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps - Series 9 - Shagger

Now Tim has finally come out he is determined to meet a nice boyfriend, but worries that is easier said than done in Runcorn. So he enlists the help of Shagger, a new phone app, which ends up causing problems when he actually meets a potential love interest, Leonard. Billy and Cassie's love affair has hotted up, causing him to take his eye off the ball in football training. She gets the wrong end of the stick when he wants her to stop coming to watch him and she tries to impress him by dressing as a WAG, wearing both perfume and knickers for the first time. Donna has something worrying her and sets about finding a New Best Friend to confide in, which isn't easy when they all turn out to be vampires or eco warriors. Gaz decides he must walk again and tries to think of all the things that would motivate him - porn, football, beer - to no avail. What will get him out of his chair?