Today - 30/07/2009

Presented by Sarah Montague and Evan Davis. Heart bypass patient John Royce and surgeon Ben Bridgewater discuss improvements in heart surgery. Correspondent Jon Leyne speaks to Nedha Soltan's mother about her daughter's death during opposition protests following the election in Iran. The BBC's ban on reporting from Zimbabwe has been lifted by the Zimbabwean government. Andrew Harding reports from the capital, Harare, on the current state of the country. Political correspondent Norman Smith reports on the Tory parliamentary candidate elections for Totnes. Home affairs editor Mark Easton reports on the findings of a report on the way police tackle drug crime. The RSPB's Tony Whitehead discusses why the Smooth snake is being retroduced to Devon. Thought for the Day with The Reverend Angela Tilby, Vicar of St Bene't's Church in Cambridge. Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth discusses the future of compensation for military personnel. Roger Howard, of the UK Drug Policy Commission, and Iain Duncan Smith, Chairman of the think tank the Centre for Social Justice, discuss a report by the UK Drugs Policy Commission. Correspondent Andrew Harding reports from Harare, where he has been speaking to John Nkomo, Chairman of the Zanu PF party. Carol Ann Duffy reads her poem Last Post, written to mark the death of the last British soldier to fight in World War One. Lord Anderson and Sir Menzies Campbell discuss the Iraq war inquiry and what it might find. Professor Ian Kennedy, former chair of the Healthcare Commission, discusses the importance of having more transparent NHS data. Correspondent Humphrey Hawksley retraces Graham Greene's 1935 journey through Sierra Leone and Liberia and reports whether, 80 years later, the West's presence in Africa has changed. Carolyn Regan, Chief Executive of the Legal Services Commission, discusses the implications of reducing the legal aid budget. Author and former foreign correspondent Ed O'Loughlin and foreign correspondent Martin Bell discuss why foreign correspondents attract so much interest.


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