Today - 13/04/2009

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Presented by Evan Davis and James Naughtie. Derek Scott, a former economic advisor to the Government, explains the damage that the emails which discussed smearing senior Tories has had on Downing Street. Reporter Andrew Hosken examines the struggle for survival at one local newspaper: the Biggleswade Chronicle in Bedfordshire. Glyn Travis, assistant general secretary of the Prison Officers' Association, explains what caused the riot at HMP Ashwell. Jonathan Head reports on the latest clashes between the army and anti-government protesters in Bangkok, and Sir James Hodge, former British ambassador to Thailand, discusses the genesis of the riots. Architects Professor Robert Adam and Sunand Prasad discuss Prince Charles's objection to a proposed building in Chelsea. Thought for the day with the Reverend Dr Giles Fraser. Commander Chris Davies, from the Nato Shipping Centre in Northwood, discusses what is being done to stop future pirate attacks. Health Secretary Alan Johnson says he was "shocked and disgusted" by e-mails which discussed smearing senior Tories, but that the prime minister could not be held personally responsible. Winifred Robinson visited a secure unit for children for a Radio 4 documentary and describes the conditions under which young offenders are being held. Prisons Minister David Hanson discusses whether measures to alleviate overcrowding and cut costs in the prison system can be blamed for the HMP Ashwell riot. David Lane, the Economist's Italian business and finance correspondent, explains what the mafia may gain after the earthquake in L'Aquila. Scientists in China claim that they have created new eggs in mice using stem cells. Professor Robin Lovell-Badge explains the research and its significance to fertility treatment. Paul Bradshaw of Birmingham City University and Will Hutton, former editor at large of the Observer, discuss the future of local journalism. Editor of the Spectator Matthew D'Ancona and Guardian columnist Martin Kettle discuss Damian McBride's emails.