Today - 04/05/2009

Logo for Today - 04/05/2009

With John Humphrys and Sarah Montague. Complaints by a cabinet minister about the government's performance have prompted renewed speculation about the leadership of Gordon Brown. Doctors in the United States say the swine flu virus has spread across the country with cases confirmed in 35 states. More than 300 hotel guests in Hong Kong spent another day in quarantine after a Mexican guest was diagnosed with swine flu. Mexican correspondent Steve Gibbs discusses the official reports from Mexico and quarantined guest Eddie Sweeney describes the scene at the hotel. Europe correspondent Jonny Dymond reports from across the EU to ask voters what issues will influence their ballot in the European elections in June 2009. Oliver Madge of the British Pest Control Association discusses how to address the national rat issue. Sydney correspondent Nick Bryant discusses the 'best job in the world': working on the Great Barrier Reef. General Secretary of the National Association of Headteachers Mick Brookes, and John Dunford, general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, discuss the value of SATs tests and the outcome of a possible boycott. Johannesburg correspondent Peter Biles talks to the apartheid photographers portrtayed in the new film 'The Bang Bang Club'. Sir Hilary Synnott discusses US attempts to improve relations with Pakistan opposition leader Nawaz Sharif. Harriet Harman denies a report that she would fight for Labour Party leadership. Author and Mini enthusiast Christy Campbell and design consultant Stephen Bayley discuss the social importance of the Mini. Reporter Andrew Hosken discusses the Sri Lankan army's fragile relationship with the foreign media. Lord Maurice Saatchi discusses Margaret Thatcher's legacy 30 years after she became prime minister. Virologist Dr John McCauley discusses the value of stock piling vaccines against swine flu. Assistant editor of the Financial Times Gillian Tett and author Seth Freedman discuss where responsibility for the economic downturn lies.