Today - 03/09/2009

Presented by John Humphrys and Sarah Montague. Businessman Sir Gerry Robinson discusses why, according to the Department of Health, many NHS services need more staff not less. Correspondent Andy Gallagher reports on whether Megan's Law is working in the US. Professor Alisdair Gillespie discusses how the law works in the UK. NASA advisor John Logsdon discusses NASA's budget to put a man back on the moon. Caroline Wyatt reports on the 1st Battalion the Royal Anglian Regiment's preparations for a return to Afghanistan. Security expert Will Geddes reflects on the news that a body, believed to be that of a British security guard kidnapped more than two years ago, has been returned by Iraqi authorities to UK officials. Professor Peter Millard discusses why he believes the new NHS guidelines are causing a national crisis in patient care. Thought for the Day with Professor Mona Siddiqui, of the University of Glasgow. Sir George Cox and Dr Paul Woolley debate if the world's financial institutions are too big. Carl Emmerson, of the Institute for Fiscal Studies, and Niall Dickson, of the King's Fund, discuss future NHS funding. Historians Dr Nigel Knight and Sir Max Hastings discuss whether Winston Churchill adopted the right strategy in World War II. Jahid Mohseni of the Moby Group, which owns Afghanistan's most popular television station, considers who will be the next president. Correspondent Rajini Vaidyanathan visits Harefield in Greater London to report on the school which, after it became an academy, has seen a marked improvement in results. Comedian David Baddiel tries to persuade John Humphrys of the benefits of Twitter. Tom Feilden reports attempts to analyse the neurology of psychopaths. Professor Steven Rose discusses the dangers of using brain scans to diagnose psychopathology. Willie Lebus, of Bibendum Wine Ltd, discuss why many wines, according to research published in the Journal of Wine Economics, are viewed as extraordinarily good at some competitions but viewed as below average at others.


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