Thumb Wrestling Federation - Series 4 - Danny Kaboom vs Mugsy Thumbscrew

A long time ago, when wrestlers wore speedos and had back hair, the thumb wrestling ring was a place of heroic deeds, of fair competition, of honor. All was well, until an upstart named Senator Skull arrived on the scene. Skull wanted control of the Thumb Wrestling Federation, so he led a revolt that split the TWF in two. Those with respect and honor joined the Mighty Dexteras. Those with less than a thimblefull of decency joined the evil Sinistras. Now, Senator Skull and the Sinistras will stop at nothing to defeat the Mighty Dexteras, take over the Thumb Wrestling Federation, and perhaps the world! It's bombs versus brass knuckles in this explosive TWF match. Danny fends off Mugsy's thugs with some combustible cannolis, but Bucks' meddling causes one of Danny's bombs to backfire on him. Danny looks like he is down for the count, but some good preparation ends up going a long way for this Dextera.