Three Delivery - Great Balls of Fire

Years ago, an evil young apprentice named Kong Li unleashed the power of a magical cookbook, scattering its dangerous recipes throughout Chinatown. Thanks to an ancient spell, a force field was placed around the city, keeping the magic in. For many years, the rest of the world was protected, but now Kong Li has returned to find the powerful recipes. If he succeeds, their evil power will be released and the world will be in grave danger. Luckily, three teenage heroes, skilled in kung fu, have been trained to stop him. When orphans Sue, Sid and Tobey were recruited by Nana to make deliveries for Wu's Garden Chinese Restaurant, they saw it as a way to move out of the orphanage and have a chance to ride cool bikes. Little did they know that evening they would be locked in a battle against evil. Eugene, a shy kid from school, learns that drawing comics can be dangerous when magic ink turns all the pictures into reality! Sue, Sid, and Tobey try to erase the damage his drawings are causing over Chinatown!


  • 2009-02-28 07:35:00 - 2009-02-28 07:55:00 on BBC Two England, BBC Two Northern Ireland Analogue, BBC Two Northern Ireland, BBC Two Scotland, BBC Two Wales Analogue, BBC Two Wales,