The World's Strictest Parents - Series 3 - Chicago

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Two rebellious British teenagers experience strict parenting on the other side of the world, as rule-breaker Alex Miles and selfish diva Dina Darweish get new parents in Chicago. For a week they must live with the Davis family. Dad DeWayne is the pastor of a church in Chicago's West Side, a predominantly African-American neighbourhood. As a man who experienced the trauma of the Chicago riots in the late 60s, he has personal insight into how to resolve conflict. Today, he believes that that the best way to get teenagers to toe the line is to build good relationships with them in a warm, loving family home. But despite their loving nature, the Davises don't back down when it comes to setting firm boundaries. Completely out of his parents' control in the UK, Alex is set for a battle of wills with DeWayne over his lack of respect and dishonesty. Dina learns the value of having a father figure in her life and starts to question the way in which she has been treating her own mum.