The World's Strictest Parents - Series 2 - Atlanta

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Two wayward British teenagers experience strict parenting on the other side of the world. Party-mad 17-year-old Bex Keene from Walton-on-Thames and lazy 16-year-old image-obsessed Chezden Dundee from Bolton travel Stateside to get new parents in Atlanta, Georgia. They must spend a week living under the strict rules of the God-fearing Kimbroughs, a southern Baptist family dedicated to the success of their children. Dad David is a Baptist preacher while mum Wanda is a primary school administrator. In Obama's new America, the Kimbroughs prepare a rules contract for the teens' stay that prohibits smoking, taking the Lord's name and demands a B average in all schoolwork. Above all else, the Kimbroughs emphasise respect and self-discipline and work hard to instil these values into Bex and Chezden. Over the week, the Brits are strictly supervised as they go to church and school, and do homework and daily chores. Can the Kimbroughs' strictly moral lifestyle effect any change in the ill-disciplined teens?