The Terminator

Classic sci-fi action thriller about the battle between two time-travelling soldiers who arrive in modern-day LA from a future in which machines rule. One is a cyborg on a mission to seal mankind's fate by killing the mother of an unborn resistance fighter, the other a human who must destroy the seemingly unstoppable machine.


  • 2009-06-05 23:40:00 - 2009-06-06 01:20:00 on BBC One West, BBC One Wales, BBC One Northern Ireland, BBC One Scotland, BBC One East Yorkshire, BBC One Channel Islands, BBC One Cambridge, BBC One South East, BBC One Oxford, BBC One Yorkshire, BBC One North East, BBC One South West, BBC One South, BBC One London, BBC One West Midlands, BBC One East Midlands, BBC One East, BBC One North West,
  • 2010-05-23 22:30:00 - 2010-05-24 00:10:00 on BBC Two Northern Ireland, BBC Two Wales, BBC Two England,
  • 2010-05-23 23:00:00 - 2010-05-24 00:40:00 on BBC Two Scotland,


  • Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Sarah Connor Linda Hamilton
  • Kyle Reese Michael Biehn
  • Traxler Paul Winfield
  • Detective Hal Vukovich Lance Henriksen
  • Ginger Ventura Bess Motta
  • Dr Peter Silberman Earl Boen
  • Matt Buchanan Rick Rossovich
  • Pawnshop Clerk Dick Miller
  • Nancy Shawn Schepps
  • Future Terminator Franco Columbo
  • Punk Leader Bill Paxton
  • Director James Cameron
  • Producer Gale Anne Hurd
  • Writer James Cameron
  • Writer Gale Anne Hurd