The Real Hustle - Series 9: Celebrity Scammers - The Audition

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Hustlers Alex Conran, Jess Clement and Paul Wilson lift the lid on the most devious scams to target the British public. They are joined by celebrity guests who are thrown in at the deep end to become a part of the team without any training or preparation. Jonathan Ansell, former member of pop-opera boyband G4, is the guest hustler in the Audition scam. He goes undercover as someone who is approached on the street by a TV talent spotter and invited along to a commercial audition. His role is to persuade the other hopefuls attending the audition that the whole set-up is legit and that they are in the running for an advertising contract worth $50,000. The hustlers demonstrate a major security flaw that affects anyone with a cordless digital phone. Residents in a street targeted by the hustlers hand over all their credit card and bank details in the Telecoms con.