The Real Hustle - Series 3 - Episode 6

A team of hustlers try out some notorious scams on members of the public, filmed with hidden cameras and intercut with actual interviews from fraud protection experts, police and victims. Things get out of hand when Jess and Alex have a fight in a jewellery shop while Paul gets on with the con, and Alex manages to turn a minor complaint about a restaurant into hundreds of pounds. The boys pose as undercover police officers and use their bogus authority to pinch a passer-by's car. The participants featured in The Real Hustle have either been set up by their family and friends or believe that they are participating in another television programme. After they have been hustled for real any monies or property taken during the hustle are returned to them and their consent for the item to be broadcast is obtained so that viewers can avoid being ripped off by the same scam.


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  • Presenter Alexis Conran
  • Presenter Paul Wilson
  • Presenter Jessica Clement

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