The New Radio 2 Arts Show with Claudia Winkleman - Featuring contemporary artist Jack Vettriano

Penny Smith sits in for Claudia and speaks to renowned music producer William Orbit about his new album. Titled Pieces in a Modern Style 2, it follows the 600,000 selling Pieces in a Modern Style, which produced the hit Adagio for Strings and features more of William's interpretations of classical standards. Also, celebrated contemporary artist Jack Vettriano discusses his new exhibition, and actress Daniela Denby Ashe talks about the play she's starring in - Mike Bartlett's Love, Love, Love. We find out more about the British Museum's new exhibition China: Journey to the East. China's long history of innovation in the arts has created one of the most important and influential civilisations in world history. The major new exhibition in Manchester will combine objects from the British Museum with stories from one of the world's fastest growing economies. We also celebrate British film, with critic James Kleinmann, and speak to graffiti pioneer Nick Walker about his new solo show In Gods We Trust. Nick is known for pushing the boundaries of street art - working with many different media, frequently moving between the gallery and the streets and giving a rare insight into the secret world of 'high end' street art.