The Music Teacher - Episode 6

Shut away in a tiny windowless practice room in a regional arts centre, Nigel endures his usual succession of bizarre pupils whilst wrestling with the latest curveball thrown at him by panicked Arts Centre manager, Belinda. Nigel endures a steady stream of challenging pupils: a tone deaf Priest struggling to sing mass, a highly-strung harpist with a over-strung harp and the world's most flatulent tuba player rank among the most trying. It doesn't help that Nigel is in the middle of an OFSTED inspection - the impending results of which weigh heavily on his mind. Almost as heavily as the prospect of the closure of the Arts Centre, which Belinda is convinced is on the cards. So much so that she has started a "Save Letchington Arts Centre" campaign - and she wants Nigel to front a protest song live on the local TV news. Nigel Penny ..... Richie Webb Belinda ..... Vicki Pepperdine Other roles by Dave Lamb, Jim North and Jess Robinson. Written and produced by Richie Webb. Director: Nick Walker Producer: Richie Webb A Top Dog production for BBC Radio 4.


  • 2010-06-10 23:00:00 - 2010-06-10 23:15:00 on Radio 4 FM, Radio 4 LW,