The Movie Café - 11/11/2010

On Remembrance Day we look at the World War 1 archive films held in the Scottish Screen Archive - the archive's curator Janet McBain talks Janice through footage of soldiers heading off to war and of field hospitals staffed entirely by women. Could one of your own ancestors feature in this footage? Edinburgh-based filmmaker Ian Rintoul talks to the Movie Café about the films he's made over last forty years - using home-made models to recreate historical events. Ian's films include recreations of the Tay Bridge Disaster using models and of the first air raid on Britain in 1939, when the German Luftwaffe attacked the British fleet at Rosyth. The director of the French Film Festival Richard Mowe talks Janice through the highlights of this year's festival, which opens tonight and features special appearances by a number of big name directors. Pasquale Iannone looks at the Scottish ancestry of French directors Jacques Becker and his son, Jean, whose new film MY AFTERNOONS WITH MARGUERITE - starring Gerard Depardieu - is released this weekend. And critic Miles Fielder looks forward to a season of Frank Capra classics which are back in cinemas.


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