The Lizzie McGuire Movie

Family comedy adventure. Lizzie has just graduated from middle school and goes on a class trip to Italy, where she discovers she is the spitting image of one half of an Italian pop duo. Lizzie ends up impersonating the teen idol and falling for her boyfriend too! Meanwhile, her best male friend starts having romantic notions about her, and her frantic family fly over to bring the real Lizzie back to the real world.


  • 2007-10-27 14:45:00 - 2007-10-27 16:15:00 on BBC Two England, BBC Two Northern Ireland Analogue, BBC Two Northern Ireland, BBC Two Wales, BBC Two Wales Analogue,
  • 2010-07-03 12:05:00 - 2010-07-03 13:30:00 on BBC Two Scotland, BBC Two Northern Ireland, BBC Two Wales, BBC Two England,


  • Lizzie McGuire/Isabella Parigi Hilary Duff
  • David 'Gordo' Gordon Adam Lamberg
  • Jo McGuire Hallie Todd
  • Sam McGuire Robert Carradine
  • Paolo Valisari Yani Gellman
  • Kate Sanders Ashlie Brillault
  • Ethan Craft Clayton Snyder
  • Miss Ungermeyer Alex Borstein
  • Director Jim Fall